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Pit Fire Workshop @ the beach

  • Finalizado
  • 4700 pesos mexicanos
  • Casa Musa

Descripción del servicio

Day 1: Studio (July 1st) Full day of making with hands and wheel. Due to the dramatic effects you can achieve with this firing process I encourage students to treat their forms as simple canvases that will be decorated by smoke, oxides, and other combustible materials. That being said, simple forms will accentuate the atmospheric effects better than forms with texture so keep that in mind when making. 1-5 pieces per student depending on size is accepted for the firing. Day 2: Pit loading and Firing on the Beach (July 8th) Starting in the early evening to avoid hot weather, and firing into the night. Loading will consist of layering and decorating work with different materials such as oxides, debris from the surrounding land, cow manure, saw dust, driftwood, seaweed, salt, and other combustibles. Firing will take anywhere from 2-5 hours, then we will cover and allow it to cool one full day. Day 3: Unloading and Critique (July 9th) Returning to the site of firing, we will begin to unload just before sunset. Clean and wash each piece followed by discussion and critique.

Política de cancelación

Para una cancelación sin costo, debes hacerlo con 24 horas de anticipación como mínimo. Si no realizas la cancelación 24 horas antes, no será posible el cambio de tu clase.

Detalles del contacto

  • Calle Manuel Doblado 17, Centro, San José del Cabo, B.C.S., México


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